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"Adventures Of Superseven"
Season 3


Episode 1:
"Superseven: The Captive"
Superseven awakens to find himself a prisoner in a surreal village known as "The Hamlet"
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"Adventures Of Superseven"
Season 4


Episode 1:
"Operation: 3...2...1...Die!
An unknown assassin begins to eliminate T.H.E.M agents.

Episode 2
"Operation: Body Count"
Sparky shows off her new invention and Superseven has an ill fated meeting with a T.H.E.M. agent.

Episode 3
"Operation: Permission To Kill"
Superseven and Sandra West battle their way out of Bulgaria while T.H.E.M agents continue to die at the hands of the mystery assassin.

Episode 4
"Operation: Live To Die Another Day"
Sandra West continues to kill off T.H.E.M. agents while under the influence of T.H.E.Y.'s mind control chip, while Superseven and Sparky close in on the Assassin's real identity!

Episode 5
"Operation: Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill" - Part Uno
Superseven matches wits with a beautiful double agent, who is assigned to assassinate him.

Episode 6
Operation: Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill - Part Duo
Superseven has a dinner date with a beautiful double agent, who has been contracted to kill him.

Episode 7
"Operation: Kill Or Die Trying"
Superseven faces danger while on assignment in Greece, as Sandra West continues her killing spree.

Episode 8
"Operation: Shaken, Not Stirred"
Sandra West steals the components for a giant death ray device, while Superseven receives a device that will identify the secret T.H.E.Y. assassin.

Episode 9
"Operation: Have Silencer, Will Travel"
Superseven meets with "The Fez" to try and learn the assassin's true identity, while Sandra West has a fateful encounter with Thunderpussy.

Episode 10
"Operation: From T.H.E.Y. With Love"
Sandra West is sent to assassinate Superseven. Later on, Superseven receives some troubling news while vacationing in space.

Episode 11
"Operation: Grand Slam"
Superseven travels to the Island Of Doom to rescue Sandra West, the death ray firing unit and 20 million dollars worth of diamonds.

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