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"The Adventures Of Superseven"
Season One


Episode 1:
"Operation: Triple Cross"
A midnight rendezvous with a rogue agent leads to danger, intrigue and murder!

 Episode 2:
"Operation: Breakdown"
Can Superseven stop the deadly assassin "Mamba", before Sandra West can.

Episode 3
"Operation: Four Play"
A meeting with Sandra West, leads Superseven to an evening of sword play and romance?


 Episode 4:
"Operation: Four Play Part II"
Superseven and Sandra West encounter a lethal husband and wife assassination team.

Episode 5
"The Superseven Interview"
An up close and personal interview with the world's greatest masked super spy

Episode 6
"The Sandra West Interview"
An up close and personal interview with the sultry and lethal secret agent, Sandra West

Episode 7:
"Operation: Red Shark"
Superseven's mechanic "Sparky", upgrades his crime fighting vehicle

Episode 8:
"Operation: Prime Time"
Superseven and Sandra West have a meeting with an ex T.H.E.Y agent turned Hollywood producer

Episode 9:
"Operation: Trapezoid Conundrum"
Can Sandra West foil a T.H.E.Y plot to assassinate Superseven on live TV?

Episode 10
"Operation: Get Sandra West!"
While Superseven is on assignment in Japan, Sandra West investigates a tip on stolen information.

Episode 11:
"Operation: A Coffin For Sandra West"
Sandra West is ambushed by T.H.E.Y agents, while Superseven attempts to destroy a secret enemy missile base.

Episode 12:
"Operation: Death Trap Burbank"
Superseven laments over the missing Sandra West.

Episode 13:
"Operation: Diabolical"
Sandra West is held captive and interrogated by Big O, Dr. Diabolical and Thunderpussy.

Episode 14:
"Operation: Blueprint For Danger"
Superseven has a meeting with the nefarious triple agent "The Fez", while T.H.E.Y agents try to abduct Sparky.

Episode 15:
"Operation: Spy Trap"
Superseven voyages to The Cave Of Death to find Sandra West.

Episode 16
"Operation: 8 Spies Too Many"
Can Sandra West be saved from the clutches of T.H.E.M? The explosive Season One finale!